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1. Hope & Inspiration
How I’ve went from being a PSLE 187/300, and a drop out to completing my Masters (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and making my first million at mid-30s. 

  • Meaning / Purpose / Passion / Connecting back the dots

  • How to grow constantly (Spiritually / Physically / Mind) 

  • The next transition, Turning Point

Full story “From N-Level to Masters, From $20k at 19 to over $1m at 33”

Story was re-published / re-shared over various portals and was ranked as the one of the most read article.


2. Personal Finance / Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)

  • Sources of wealth, case study (local / overseas)

  • An Engineer’s Cashflow Quadrant (Employee / Side Hustles / Investments / Entrepreneurship etc)

  • Keeping Expense to the minimum (Good & Bad Debt)

  • Generating multiple streams of income

  • How long to financial freedom (reverse-engineering)?

  • Investor VS Trader + Compound Interest

Nostalgic side hustles that I’ve did during my younger days that were instrumental in building up my wealth, subsequently stocks and never looked back.


3. Invest China
A strong believer in the Chinese Stock Market. Started investing since 2004 (Singapore Stocks) but have switched my portfolio to China Stocks in the year 2015. Early Investor of Tencent at HK$133+, Ping An at HK$30+ & Alibaba at US$60+. 80% of my current portfolio is in China Stocks

  • Why China? 

  • Advantages & Risks of Investing in China 

  • How to start invest in China stocks?


4. Investing 
Started investing since 2004. Some nostalgic purchase include buying  SGX at S$1.68, OSIM at S$0.055, Venture Corp at S$4.24, Haw Par at S$3.45 etc.

Would summarize my approach as 60% Fundamental (Invest), 10% Technical, 10% Options, 20% Personal Hacks. 

  • Optimize your Asset Allocation

  • Portfolio Repair (undo the mistakes)

  • Stock Selection + When to Buy / Sell + When to be flexible? 

  • How to spot Multibaggers?

  • Free of Charge (FOC) platforms I’ve utilized for my research / data collection

  • An Investor’s Technical Analysis (TA): Quick TA to maximize profits 


Public Speaking / Keynote / Private Events / Sharing of Insights

Reach out to me at >>

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