Portfolio Timeline 

Year 2009: Global Financial Meltdown


This happened while I was doing my undergraduate studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Bought OSIM at $0.055 on Feb 2009, share price eventually went up to $2 (3600% return).  Wasn't lucky to sell at $2 as I had sold everything at $1.

The market bottomed on Feb - March 2009.


Some notable purchases at the exact bottom:

Year 2010 (1 year post-Global Meltdown)


Portfolio grew by around 250%++

Made my 1st pot of Gold: $150,000+ while still studying in NTU (Year 3, EEE)

Year 2015 & Onwards 

After graduating from NTU (Year 2011), I was lucky to land up in a reputable oil company that provided me with above average salary with their typical 9 months bonus (before the oil crisis). Not too bad for Engineers after all. While keeping my expense low and investing the rest, my portfolio grew at a faster pace. Made my first million at the age of 33 (Year 2017). 

Eventually, I have swapped most of my Singapore stocks to Chinese stocks (H share). 

Check out some of my purchases from my previous blog articles!!

Only recently that most analysts talked about Ping An & Tencent when the stock price is trading at HKD$80+ and HKD$400+ respectively. I was lucky to purchase much earlier prior to their coverage. 

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