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April 2020 updates

Many thanks to Dr Wealth for sharing my story. Hope the story could provide some form of entertainment / inspiration during this mini-lockdown (circuit breaker) period.

My prayers and heart are with the people affected by COVID-19.

A big thank you to all front-line workers in healthcare/essential services, and especially to our government who are doing a great job to tide us through this crisis. I am proud to be a Singaporean. I would also like to urge fellow Singaporeans to do our part as citizens. We cannot rely solely on our government to do the lifting, they need our support too!! Lastly, thank you to all mums out there who need to work from home + take care of the kids, wearing multiple hats at the same time.

During this period of “unemployment”, I had the opportunity to study through hundreds of China / US / HK / SG companies. I am working on a new article on the current market outlook as well. Excited to be sharing these with you guys soon!

While waiting, check out my previous market outlook article: “China: Long Term BULL?” written 2years ago which I feel is still very relevant today!

P.s. As much as possible, I will try to post my stock purchases within 48 hrs in my Telegram, Facebook and blog. No promises though!

The best compliment the Engineer can receive is your referral/sharing of to your family & friends.

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