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Inspecting your New BTO/EC/PC for Defects (Part 3 of 3)

Continuation from Part 2 of 3.

Defects are usually not found unless you make an effort to look at it. Most of the time, defects are located at places that is not visible to the eye level. Also defects are usually hiding in places with poor lighting.

Sanitary Wares & Fittings Plumbings

When cleaning off some stains, workers might resort to using corrosive chemical that would clean off the stains. At the same time, those corrosive chemical will cause the onset of rust. If not replaced, rust will cause unsightly stubborn stains, this could shorten the lifespan of the plumbing fittings, and even injury to user.

Rust on fittings

Contractors will try to seal the toilet bowl to the floor with silicon sealant. However, due to contraction and expansion, there could be some parts where sealant will start to split and create a gap. Do report them as defect and get contractors to seal the gap properly.

Gap in silicon sealant between toilet bowl and floor tiles

Wall and Floor Tiling

Ensure all wet areas such as wet kitchen, balcony and toilet has got suitable gradient and drains well. Test the drainage of each area by pouring water and let it drain for 30mins. If the stagnant water is deeper than the thickness of your typical 20cent coin, then you have a strong reason to get the contractor to re-tile.

Cracks, chips, scratches are very common issue. Use a good light source will help you spot the these defect easily.

Chip / manufacturing defect on tile

Chip on tile skirting

Make sure that the lippages between tile are less than 0.5mm. Lippages refers to the difference in height of tiles laid. Too much difference in height of tiles will cause dust to be trapped and the higher tile might have a sharp edge which can cause injury.

Large Lippages of Tile

Tile should not be hollow when tapped with a hard object. Hollow tiles meant that the cement are not applied properly or the cement mix is wrong. It is important to ensure non-hollow tile as these hollow tiles will crack and pop out after some time.

Gaps between tiles can be missed out easily or when grouting is not properly applied. These gaps will trap dust.

Vinyl Flooring

Use a good lighting source to scour the vinyl floorboards for crack, chip and scratch.

Levelness of the vinyl flooring depends on the cement screed below the vinyl flooring. If you find the vinyl flooring is not even or spot gaps between the base of vinyl skirting and vinyl floorboard, get the contractor remove the flooring boards and level the cement screed properly.

Gap between vinyl skirting and floorboard indicate an uneven cement screed below the vinyl floorboard

Wall Plaster and Paint

The unit came with all walls painted in white. The white walls can be quite evenly painted such that anyone without a good lighting source will have difficulty spoting any defects. These defects include cavitation, hairline crack, uneven patch. The more obvious defects are excessive plastering or chip on a corner of the wall. These can usually be felt when you run your hands across the wall.

Uneven Plastering

Rough Surface

Wardrobe Cabinet

Check the access handle, hinges, rod and track. Ensure that the doors can open and shut normally. Check and ensure that there is no rust on the hinges. There should not be any crack, chip or scratch on the laminated surface.

Big gap to be filled

Joints of the wood were not sealed.

Cracked Laminate

Stripped Screw Heads

Window Frame and Glazing

Window Frame and glazing are usually filled with defects. If the windows are not protected during any of the construction activities, crack, chip, scratch and dent to the window can occur.

Check the rubber gasket are around the window to ensure water-tightness of the window. All accessories and screws has to be in place. All metal parts and screws shall be stainless steel or Aluminium. They should not rust under normal weathering condition.

Torn Rubber Gasket

Scratched on Window Glazing

Dent in window frame

Hope this help you in someway or another.


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