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EngineerInvest Tuition Class

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with a 130 IQ. Rationality is essential.” – Warren Buffett
Janitor with $8 Million Portfolio

My Story “From N-Level to Masters, From $20k at 19 to over $1million at 33” was shared widely

In the olden days, everyone had to climb, dig and hunt for a secret martial arts manual, “武林密集”. Now, we are living in an era of information overload. There are plenty of manuals, thousands of investment strategies. Some goes against another but both seem sound. It is impossible to learn every strategy or read every investment book from the library. What we can offer is to point you to the right concepts, saving you time and possibly hard knocks to optimize your investment strategies and improve your returns. 

Sometimes, just a few well-constructed, timeless concepts will do.

Turn Every Economic Crisis to an Opportunity 

Some notable purchases at the bottom of the 2009 subprime mortgage crisis
2015: Swapped most of my Singapore stocks to Chinese stocks
2020: COVID-19 Meltdown
Nostalgic Purchase (2004)
“There are many skills which are essential to master in a lifetime. Investing is one of them”
- EngineerInvest 

Proven Records

All my articles are time-stamped and with proof of buy and sell receipts. I only share stocks that I've bought personally, putting money & credibility in my mouth.
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EngineerInvest’s Advantage (1 to 4 Pax Tuition):

  • Made my first S$1 million at the age of 33 (2017) prior to starting classes
  • Investment notes are personally developed from 17+ years of experience 
  • A Weekly Tuition: If it’s not suitable, you can stop the classes. Saving you the tuition fees as compared to paying for a once-off $3,000 - $5,000 investing course. 
  • Personalized: Follow your pace, stop anytime to clarify
  • Customizable: Choose topics (below) of your interest & chat about the latest market outlook
  • Productive Hours: There won’t be ice-breaking games or assignments during ‘paid lesson hours’

Pick & Choose Topics

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Pricing Plan

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Enquire Now: 

Whatsapp to: +65-8885-3278 or email to: with the following details:
  • Name, Topic of Interest, 2 Preferred Time Slots, Preferred Starting Date, Package
    • Example: ​Tom, Topic 3, 5, 6, Every Tues or Wed 7pm to 9pm, Start 22/9, FGT 3pax
  • Our friendly coordinator will be more than happy to answer any of your queries. 

What are the returns I should expect from investing wisely?

This is not a get rich overnight course. An annualized average return of 10% to 20% is reasonable, stretched over a period of years. Definitely, higher returns could be expected during good times or when you’ve bought stocks during the crisis low as I’ve shared in my previous articles where I bought S$108k of Alibaba shares in a single day transaction. It returned me 50% in just 5 months but we don’t witness an economic crisis every year. On the other hand, there will be bad years where even strong holdings tanks. For example, the recent COVID-19 crash wiped out 30 to 40% of S&P.

Is there a package course?

There is no package, lessons are based on the topics you chose and charged per hour, following your pace of learning. Feel free to also tell us your level of understanding and we can recommend the topics to you.

Your per hour rate is very expensive…

We benchmarked our prices according to Junior College (JC) Econs tuition rates. If you were to compare against similar mass investment courses, say 10 hours for $3,000, it is $300 per hour and delivered to a mass audience with limited attention. Furthermore, there could be certain topics that you are already familiar with but still have to sit through the entire class. EngineerInvest Tuition Class has the flexibility to choose the topics of interest and save on ‘paid lesson hours’. The individual / small group tuition is on a weekly basis. After every session, students can go back, digest and clarify any doubts on the next session.  

What made you decide to teach others investing?

This stems from the many email queries I’ve received, conversations with friends and friends of friends. Some of the questions were difficult to answer over email with all the necessary details and many experienced investors did not seem to have a clear investment strategy. Subsequently, I’ve received enquiries if I can do 1 to 1 coaching. It was then I decided to start teaching private investment tuitions.

If you are already a millionaire, why do you still need to give tuition?

I don’t need to sell courses in order to fund my lifestyle but nobody will mind making more money. Afterall, I’m passionate about this topic and believe it will be a win-win situation. If you are sceptical, you do not have to patronise my website. 

Why don’t you consider teaching it to a mass audience?

I plan to have only 3 to 5 sessions (about 10 hours) per week to teach individual or small groups. Scroll up to see the advantages!

My pairing partner is late or had technical issues with Google Meet during Doubles or Focus Group Tuition.

To be fair to other students, there will only be a 5 mins grace period. We would suggest having your Google Meet ready 10 mins prior to each class.

Terms & Conditions
• Understand that nobody can predict the stock market and losses can be expected.
• Slots are confirmed only upon receipt of payment and there will be no refunds.
• There are only 3 to 5 sessions per week. If you’ve decided to discontinue the tuition, slots will be given up to others.  
• Notes for the chosen topic will be given after each session has ended.
• The purpose of this course is not to encourage any trades and is not a stock tip course.
• Classed will be delivered via Google Meet (virtual)
• Do check out our disclaimer
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