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Inspecting your New BTO/EC/PC for Defects (Part 2 of 3)

Continuation from Part 1 of 3.

As more developers aimed towards e-submission of defects, applications such as Novade could be used. On these apps, home owner or hired inspector could lodge the defects and submit for rectification. It is quite useful if you know how to use them.

So What to look out for?

Air Conditioning System

Switch on the Air Condition for an hour and check for any signs of water leakage/condensation. If there are water leakages, there can be issues with gradient of drainage pipes. If there are issues with condensation, it could mean that the tubing's insulation was not done properly.

General cleanliness, especially the fins areas. it is important that the fins are clean and free from any dust/debris as it could affect the efficiency of heat transfer. If you find the fins dusty you can report that as an issue to get the Main Contractor to clean it up.

Outdoor units are prone to those dents and scratch. A small scratch could result in paint peeling off and rust could set in.

Rust spots on cover of outdoor AC unit

Rust appearing at the bolting hole


Ceiling are basically plastered and painting, it should be flat, painted matt white and free from stains. The minor painting / plastering defects are difficult hard to spot as you need a light source near the ceiling and observe using a ladder. Examples of minor defects on the ceiling could be there could be patchy plastering, flaking paint and pinholes that are visible on the surface. There could also have hairline crack on the ceiling. However, if you discover a major crack, then it is a serious issue.

Hairline crack on the Ceiling

Pinholes on the ceiling

Concrete Works

Concrete surface are usually present at the AC Ledge or any Ledge that are considered part of your strata title. It is one of the places where non-experienced home owners are quick to overlooked. Home owners are to ensure the concrete works at these area done properly as it could be very messy to rectify.

Check for any presence of algae on the exterior cement areas as these algae can signify issues with the levelness or drainage from the concrete.


Door Frame Architrave

It is very likely that doors and windows opening will have problems. Ensure that the door frames are secured to the walls, visually check the edge between door frame and wall plaster. Use mirror to look around corners where it is hard check. It is very common for contractors to cut corner and left out silicon sealant on those hard to reach area and those corners where you can not see without a mirror. If not sealed well, it can be a good hiding or breeding ground for vermin.

Gap between door frame and wall

Check for evenness in door gloss/shine as poor touching up job can create uneven shine on the door.

Uneven shine

Check for all accessories, proper functioning of keys and lock, screws are in placed, free from rust on all hinges and lockset and rubber gasket around the door frame are in place for noise isolation and limit air movement through the door.

Check for all chips and scratches on the door frame, these can be easily touch-up with putty and a new layer of paint.

Electrical Data

Exercise caution when working with Electricity. Ensure that the socket bezel are not loose and shaky. Ensure that the socket bezel is not cut/cracked to fit its intended position. If your unit comes with any electrical appliances, check the functionality of the appliances and physical appearance of the appliance.

Kitchen Cabinet

Check the alignment of the doors. Ensure that the door can open and close properly without creaking sound.

Poorly aligned door, possibility of wrapped wood

Check the size of gaps around the kitchen cabinet doors. Ensure that door is closed, the gap is less than 5mm.

Check the edge and corners of the kitchen cabinet for gaps and ensure that it is sealed with silicon sealant. It is necessary to ensure that there is no gap for that can be potential hiding place or breeding ground for vermin.

Gap at top not filled with silicon sealant

Kitchen cabinets are likely to be built using laminated hard plywoods. if not glued properly, these laminate can come off and allow moisture to enter the plywoods.

Laminate came off


Mirrors are prone to scratches, chip, crack or tarnishes on the reflective material behind the glass.

Tarnished reflective material in mirror

Check that the mirror is firmly secured and silicon sealant around the mirror are applied.

Missing silicon sealant on top of mirror


Unless the material used for the railing is stainless steel, it is likely that the the railing is prone to scratches and corrosion. Ensure the railing is well painted and look out for presence of rust, especially at the base area of the railing. It is important to note that baseplate of the railings can become rusty after water seep in.

Chipped paint can cause railing to corrode

Rust spot

Underside of railing not well painted

Stay tuned for the final post of Inspecting your New BTO/EC/PC for Defects


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