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X1 Chinese Stock (non-tech) & Updates

It’s been sometime since my last article written on Jan 2021. Took time to utilize the SingapoRediscover Vouchers to tour around Singapore. This is the very first time we’ve visited Art Science Museum, Garden by the Bay etc if not without the vouchers.

New Article on a Chinese Stock

Recently, I’ve wrote a new article “Hunting to Invest in the Potential “Tefal of China”” that was published on Dr Wealth website.

In China, SUPOR has about 40,000 points of sales covering 100% of cities. Leveraging on e-commerce, they are strategic partners of Tmall,, and

A look at SUPOR’s largest shareholder. It’s none other than SEB Internationale SAS (Groupe SEB). Some other notable shareholders include Fidelity International, JPMorgan Asset Management, Blackrock, and ...

Do checkout the article here.

Emails & Random Thoughts

Received a couple of emails on what other markets I invest in >> Majority of my holdings are on China stocks. However, I do own some stocks in the US / Singapore / Malaysia market as well. In addition, I do have a small position in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

On rising yields >> My take is that it’s not the direction of rates that’s the key but more like the speed/rate of change of rates. Historically, there isn't a clear correlation that rising yields equates to that the stock market will GG. Be it growth / value stocks, I will just buy as long as it’s worthwhile (cheap) to do so while seeking a balanced asset allocation.

Put Options >> If you’ve been following me (Telegram / Facebook) since last year you would have observed that I’ve been selling lots of put options frequently last year. However, I’m doing it less now. The difference is that this year, overall market has recovered especially with US market hitting new highs. I still do sell puts occasionally but not as much compared to last year. In another words, harder to find opportunity to sell puts.

On China (just some add-ons to the usual China stats shared previously) >> China’s patent application surpasses US since the year 2016, R&D expenditures as a % of GDP increases. Attached also >> China’s contribution to global consumption growth & Singles Day vs US holiday sales.

Random thoughts >>

Overall this year is unlike 2020, market has already rebounded (i.e. not as cheap as before). Especially with US market breaking new highs. For myself, there won't be huge purchase but the usual "small positions" or probably just do nothing.

Market is always illogical. Companies without fundamentals such as GameStop can fly to the moon while fundamentally good companies are drowned below the waters. There's no lack of chasing the next hot stocks coupled with record number of IPOs and blank check boom (SPAC).

One of the worst thing an investor can do is to flip-flop opinions on certain stocks due to price fluctuations instead of focusing on the very reason that he/she bought/sold it in the first place and whether the reason still stands.

How illogical can the market be? Let's take the oil price as an example. Now that the cards are open, we all know what happened to oil price a year after the below April 2020 news.

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